Each of these paintings begins with a simple mark, spill or smear that offends an untouched canvas. A drama is then set in motion as I attempt to correct or develop the mark into a complete work. This process becomes a form of personal storytelling expressed through elementary shapes and colors. By creating and changing the shapes and colors on canvas I am often exploring the spatial distance and physical, emotional, and linguistic boundaries between relationships, and communicating the tension between contradictory feelings of love and anger, and isolation and hope.


I have always been fascinated by language, from expressions of love to political rhetoric. I am fascinated by its malleability, our general submission to its power, and due to its flexible interpretations, its inability to perform its main function when we need it most. What we say can never fully express the entirety of what we mean, and what we mean isn’t always how we really feel. These problems of diction are reflected through a variety of painting techniques, including pouring, staining, and scrubbing layers upon layers of meticulously mixed color. Ultimately, my unresolved relationship with language as a form of expression pushes me to create my own vernacular of unique shapes and colors.