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David Matthew King
Born 1981, San Pedro, California
Lives and works in New York and California

City University of New York, BA English Literature, 2008
City University of New York, MA, English Literature, 2011

Solo & Two-Person Exhibitions
VAGUE/VAGUE, Prisme Galleries (in partnership with The Dot Project [UK]), Paris
YOU WAS NEVER MY AGE with Paul Cooley, Contra Galleries, New York City
[Installation] Paul Smith Design Store (in partnership with Richeldis Fine Art), London

A RETURN TO SMOOTH SPACE with Bertrand Fournier, The Dot Project, London

Print Editions
SWIMMING/SUMMER READING Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock Prints via Ink Cult, USA

In The Studio With David Matthew King (Sixty Hotels)
People Doing Things (Brooklyn Tailors)
"Maybe my paintings are just about..." (Abstract.Mag)
”David Matthew King: Leading With Curiosity” (The Context)

d.matthewking [at] gmail [dot] com